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infusion therapy center near me
aaahc accredited Atlanta Endoscopy Cente

Infusion Therapies

We provide infusion therapy for people living with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD), like Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis, as well as other disorders. Immunomodulators and biologic treatments can effectively induce and maintain remission of IBD and Crohn's disease, while limiting the need for steroids. Our highly trained team administers biological anti-inflammatory treatments such as Remicade®, Entyvio®, and Inflectra® in a relaxed, comfortable outpatient setting.


Our practice also offers non-biologic therapies, including Injectafer®. 


Be sure to talk with your provider to determine what is best for you.


In addition, infusion therapy in our outpatient clinic can cost significantly less than hospital or home-based infusion services.

Infusion therapy services are also available to patients who see other specialty providers and/or who are being treated for disorders other than IBD. For more information about external orders and referrals for infusion services, please call 404-296-1986.


For greater detail on each of our infusion therapy offerings, please click on the link (image) most pertinent to your therapy of interest from the carousel / slider below:

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