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injectafer infusion near me

Patients treated with Injectafer for iron-deficiency illness such as anemia by our physicians are welcome to infuse at our clinic. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss receiving Injectafer. If you have iron-deficiency anemia and may need injectafer infusion but are not already a pre-existing patient of the practice, you will need to have a consultation with one of our physicians prior to beginning Injectafer infusions at our clinic.

Injectafer® | Infusion Therapies

What is it?: 

Injectafer is a prescription medicine used in adults with iron deficient-related illnesses such as anemia.


Iron is a mineral that human bodies need in order to produce red blood cells. If someone does not have enough iron, iron-deficiency anemia (too few red blood cells) can occur. Injectafer (ferric carboxymaltose injection) is an iron preparation delivered directly into the blood via intravenous (IV) infusion, generally as two 750-mg infusions (measured in elemental iron) at least 7 days apart. It is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of iron-deficiency anemia in adult patients who have intolerance to oral iron supplements or who have had an unsatisfactory response to oral iron supplements.

Injectafer contains a core of iron (ferric hydroxide) stabilized within a carbohydrate shell (carboxymaltose) that allows rapid IV delivery of a high dose of iron within a short period of time. The total iron concentration within the bloodstream increases rapidly after Injectafer administration, providing the human body with iron to make new red blood cells (and thus improve the anemia). The infusions take approximately 15 minutes, plus time to be checked in and discharged.

Iron Replacement: 

Iron Replacement by intravenous infusion allows for rapid delivery of all of the iron required to regenerate hemoglobin and red cell numbers, as well as provide additional iron as stores to use over months or even years. Infusion generally lasts 3-5 hours. Unlike oral iron replacement, intravenous infusion does not carry gastrointestinal side effects. It does, however, cary a risk of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis. A common side effect is a flu-like illness occurring 2-3 days after treatment. Your doctor should discuss other rare but potentially serious side effects and potential drug interactions with you prior to treatment.

What To Expect:

Prior to you receiving Injectafer, your physician will discuss your various therapy options with you in person, including the expected benefits and possible side effects. If you decide that Injectafer is right for you, your insurance company will be contacted for prior authorization, after which you will be scheduled for Injectafer infusions. We have prepared a Patient Welcome Letter to help you know how to prepare for Injectafer infusions. Note that we have WiFi available, so feel free to bring electronic devices (with headphones) to infusion appointments.

How To Prepare:

In addition to discussing Injectafer’s benefits and risks with your Gastroenterologist, you should review the risks outlined in the Informed Consent document, which we will ask you to sign at your first infusion appointment. At your first infusion, you will also be asked to sign the Patient Financial Responsibility form. After your first infusion, the infusion nurse will give you a Post-Infusion Instructions handout for your reference.


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